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E3D Titan Extruder

Titan Extruder

Performance, power, push. Titan brings high performance, lightweight extrusion. All the benefits of geared extrusion in a lightweight, punchy little package. Titan can be mounted on most RepRap 3D printers to improve extrusion and is the recommended extruder for all our HotEnds. For a full Motion System, you'll need 2x 1.75mm standard Bowden Titans with motors, plus 2 mirrored versions.


By using a 3:1 gearing ratio, precision-milled hobbs, and an adjustable idler lever, Titan is a powerful extruder whilst also being lightweight and compact.


The 3:1 gear ratio means you’re able to use lighter motors as you’ll need less torque for the same filament pushing force - so direct drive setups have a lighter moving carriage and Bowden setups become powerful, reliable printers when combined with an E3D V6 HotEnd.


Titan works well for all configurations: Bowden, direct, 1.75mm, and 2.85mm. To switch between filament diameters, all that’s required is to replace the filament guide and the Bowden adaptor/ HotEnd.


Extruders with high gear ratios often fail with rapid retracts and struggle with keeping up with the Volcano heater block. Titan’s balanced gearing ratio of 3:1 means that you can cope with fast extrusion situations like Volcano and the lightweight gear-set gives snappy retractions.


Direct drive extruders can have issues with ‘pulsing’ flow due to the lower resolution of the gearing and hobb teeth, this can result in a wavy surface finish, becoming particularly prevalent when printing with low layer heights. Using a 3:1 gearing ratio triples the resolution of the system, allowing smoother printing at the lowest of layer heights, using the smallest of nozzles.

Key features:

- 3:1 gearing ratio

- Individually cut, sharp hobb teeth

- Direct or Bowden

- Standard or mirrored

- Groove mount slot

Kit contains:

- 1 x Titan body standard or mirrored

- 1 x Titan Cover standard or mirrored

- 1 x Idler lever standard or mirrored

- 1 x Filament Guide 1.75 or 2.85, standard or mirrored

- 1 x Steel Pinion Gear

- 1 x Hobb drive

- 1 x PTFE tubing 100mm

- 1 x 1.5mm Hex Wrench

- 1 x 2mm Hex Wrench

- 1 x 2.5mm Hex Wrench

- 3 x M3 x 30 Screws

- 1 x M3 x 8 Screw

- 1 x M4 thumbscrew

- 1 x M4x10 button head screw

- 1 x M4 Nut

- 1 x Idler spring

- 1 x M3 grub screw

- 1 x Shake-proof washer

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