Designed, Developed, and Manufactured in the USA!

By working with the Filament Innovations team, we are working with a family-owned company who supports USA manufacturing and who is focused on the growth of industrial, high-flow FDM and FGF 3D Printing.

These 3D Printers are designed to be work-horses. While running non-stop, with minimal maintenance, they are easy to use and deliver amazing quality prints. And many of the parts used are Sourced and Made in the USA.


The ICARUS 3D Printer has been built by Filament Innovations since 2016. It is designed with no compromises in mind - from its water-cooled Typhoon High-Flow extrusion system, enclosed ballscrews, and closed-loop motors (just to name a few details), it is designed to perform and be the reliable 3D Printer your company demands. Priced fully equipped and shipped door to door at $31,000, the fifth generation ICARUS is built to perform.


The ARES Pellet Printer was designed to give every business access to affordable pellet printing. With its impressive build area and Pulsar FGF Pellet System, from Dyze Design, this machine was designed to be compact and accessible, without sacrificing quality. With a price of $79,000,door to door in the USA, the ARES will change how users 3D Print. Pellet 3D Printing is new, so we want to make a reliable ecosystem for first time users. Included in the purchase price is the ARES printer (dedicated 110VAC 20amp circuit), 25kg pellet dryer (110VAC dedicated 15amp circuit), and our ODIN slicing software. All you have to do is supply a 100PSI compressed air line!


The POSEIDON Hybrid 3D Printer was designed to give businesses access to one 3D Printer that does it all: high-detail, high-flow, and pellet extrusion 3D Printing. This machine is equipped with a pellet system and a high-flow filament system on one gantry. As soon as a pellet print finishes you can jump right into doing a filament print, with the press of a button. Plus, this machine was designed to be customizable for the user. Perhaps you would rather have dual filament extrusion? Or only a pellet system? The Poseidon can be customized at the time of order to suit your needs.  The Hybrid version includes the entire ecosystem of what you need for $125,000 - this includes a pellet system, high-flow filament system, 25kg pellet dryer, and a copy of the ODIN slicing system.