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Spectrum LCD Resin

FormFutura Spectrum LCD Color Mix - Water Washable Resin

FormFutura's Spectrum LCD Color Mix - Water Washable Resin is a high-quality 3D printing resin. This material offers excellent printability and cleaning properties. Using this resin allows you to clean prints by simply using water. Furthermore, the ingenuous color mixing concept of our Spectrum resins resulted in an impressive amount of 29 RAL colors that can be obtained by adding our Spectrum Color Pigments to the resin. You can even fine-tune your own colors by mixing pigments into a new color. 

Important key features:

  • Clean prints by simply using water.

  • Very safe, simple and fast removal process of uncured resin.

  • Available in an impressive range of 29 opaque RAL colors.

  • Good compatibility with all SLA, DLP and LCD / MSLA 3D printers in the range of 385 – 420nm.

Suitable applications

  • Suitable for the production of figurines, miniatures and models.

  • Suitable for 3D printing functional prototypes.

  • Suitable for 3D printing end-use products.

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