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Recycled PP - Ocean rPPGF

Recycled PP - Ocean rPPGF - 800g roll

OCEAN rPPGF is a composite material formulated from a 73-75% thermoplastic base of recycled fishing nets and reinforced with Glass Fibre. This sustainable recipe delivers engineering grade tensile strength, impact resistance and excellent UV and chemical resistance.

Recycled material

Fishing gear makes up 20% of all marine plastic pollution. By taking nets at end of live, we prevent the creation of ghost nets that obliterate habitats

Tested by the best

We’ve tested the consistency & quality of this material with some of the most innovative large scale pellet & filament fabricators around.

Optimal performance

Fibre reinforcement boosts strength but it also eliminates warping, often the biggest challenge associated with polypropylene

OCEAN rPPGF. From Fishing Nets to Furniture

This range has been years in the making. Tackling plastic pollution in our oceans, requires a collaborative recycling system and a final material that adds real value to designers. Ocean rPPGF achieves both with a strong, stable material that can weather the elements, making it ideal for outdoor applications in furniture and architecture.

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