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Push Plastic PC+PBT

PC+PBT (Polycarbonate + Polybutylene Terephthalate) 3D Printing Filament

Benefits of this material include:

  • Superior stiffness/ductility balance
  • Great structural integrity and drop impact performance
  • Excellent fatigue performance
  • High chemical resistance to motor oil and grease

The color of this Natural filament is white.

Manufactured in the USA from 100% virgin resin and then spooled onto 750 g/3kg/10kg spools, then the filament is then vacuum-sealed with desiccant.

Recommended Print Settings:

  • Extruder:  240-250°C
  • Bed:  110°C + (the hotter the better)
  • Bed Prep:  ABS slurry, PEI bed, or glue

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