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PT100 Temperature Sensor

PT100's are stainless steel high temperature, high accuracy temperature sensors that you can now use on your E3D V6, Volcano, and SuperVolcano HotEnds instead of a thermistor or thermocouple. PT100's are able to measure higher temperatures than thermistors - up to 500°C, and are more accurate than both thermistors and thermocouples in general. Our PT100 sensors are also very easy to handle, being of a metal cartridge type construction that is secured with a set screw, no more fiberglass sleeving or clamping washer.

The PT100 sensor will fit in the e3d cartridge style heater blocks

Please be aware that a PT100 is not the same as a thermistor and unless your electronics explicitly supports RTD Sensing devices you will need an amplifier board. 

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