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PEI Sheet for Modix Printers

Genuine 3M Ultem PEI for your Modix 3D printer! Each sheet comes with 3M 468MP adhesive pre-applied so it's ready to put down on your machine's bed. Made in the USA by CS Hyde, these 3 mil thick PEI sheets come cut to size for Modix machines:

Big-60, Big-120Z (660 x 660mm), 1 sheet needed
Big-120X  (660 x 660mm), 2 sheets needed
Big-180X  (660 x 660mm), 3 sheets needed
Big-Meter (1080 x 355mm), 3 sheets needed
Big-40 (470 x 470mm), 1 sheet needed

Note: These are different from the original Modix PEI sheets. Check out the clear, shiny appearance of these replacement sheets!

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Category: Bed, CS Hyde, Modix, PEI

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