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IC3D PETG Filament

IC3D's High Quality PETG Filament

IC3D engineers use PETG for the widest variety of projects because it marries most of the best qualities of ABS and PLA. It combines the ease of use of PLA with the dimensional stability of ABS. This makes it ideal for most large-format, functional print projects, such as molds and manufacturing fixtures.

Print Settings:

  • Nozzle Temp:  240°C – 270°C
  • Bed Temp:  ~70°C
  • Print Bed:  PEI or bare glass with PVA as a release agent, PEX, PC, most print surfaces and treatments 
  • Cooling Fan: ON
  • Dryer Settings:  65°C

Category: Bulk, IC3D, PETG

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