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Printhead Mounting Plates For Modix

Printhead Mounting Plates For Modix 3D Printers

Custom designed and machined printhead mounting plates made from durable aluminum so you can use a variety of printhead options on your Modix 3D printer! 

The development of extruders and hotends has progressed greatly over the past few years, and there are now many excellent options available, each with their own advantages over the others. Due to the excellent way in which Modix printers are designed, users have the flexibility to modify their machines to take advantage of whatever combination of extruder and hotend they might want, but mounting those different options has always been a challenge. HartSmart Products created these mounting brackets to solve that problem, and allow customers to use whatever they want! We have mounting options for:

Our Printhead Mounting Plates make swapping between printheads easier than ever. Save time on changing printheads by having fully assembled printheads ready for quick swaps. Optimize your machine for printing flexibles with a Revo Hemera, focus on high flow rates with a Bondtech BMG and Mosquito Magnum+, or enable the use of 2.85mm filament with a Bondtech QR-M & Mosquito Magnum. 

Note: These brackets are also sold as part of our fully assembled printhead options, found HERE.

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