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Form Futura High Gloss ColorMorph PLA

Form Futura High Gloss ColorMorph PLA

FormFutura High Gloss PLA – ColorMorph combines the best of two High Gloss PLA colors in one filament. This high-end filament combines all benefits of High Gloss PLA with innovative multicolor aesthetics.

The beautiful color morphing properties of this filament will create multicolored effects from all angles. Experience a stunning color shift with every change in light source or viewing angle.

Important key features

  • 3D print objects with beautiful color shifting aesthetics

  • Create beautiful objects with a smooth and silky surface finish

  • Make flawless creations without visible layers

  • Available in 7 brilliant two-tone color morphing variants

Suitable applications

  • Suitable for applications in aesthetics, design, and art 

  • Suitable for home decoration and household articles

  • Suitable for creative ideas and visualization projects

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