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EasyFix Adhesive Nr. I

EasyFix - Adhesion Made Easy

EasyFix - Nr.I is a 3D printing build plate adhesive for PLA, PET[G], ABS, ASA, HIPS, and FLEX filaments. EasyFix glues firmly to a heated build plate and is self-releasing when the build is cold.

Specifically engineered to work with, but is not limited to: PLA, PET[G], ABS, ASA, HIPS, and numerous FLEX filaments. 

EasyFix adhesives are engineered to glue firmly to a heated build plate, making an object stick firmly to the build plate. On the other hand it also has excellent release properties when the build plate is cold. This makes it very easy to remove a printed object from the build plate while reducing the risk of damaging the build plate and printed object in the process.

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