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Ender-3 Full Print Head (Assembled)

Genuine Creality Ender-3 Print Head

Fully assembled MK8 extruder set for Ender-3/ Ender-3s/ Ender-3 Pro

100% brand new and fully assembled so you can install it on your machine quickly and easily.

Package Included: 2 fans + fan covers + heat block + cooling block + nozzle + throat pipe + connector +  pipe + heating tube + screws + gaskets, etc.
Fan: 24V 4010 Blower Fan + 24 V 4010 Cooling Fan
Heating Cable: 1m Long, φ6*2mm, 24V 40W
Nozzle: 0.4mm Size (Brass)
Throat Pipe: M6, 27mm Long
Aluminum Heat Block Size: 20 mm * 20 mm * 10 mm
Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ +260°C (-40 ~ +500 °F)

The extruder back support plate is not included.

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Category: Creality, Ender-3, Hotend

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