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Copperhead Silicone Boot

Slice Engineering Copperhead Silicone Boot

At long last, there is an official silicone boot for the Copperhead. And yes, it is a boot, not a sock. Socks can be flimsy, fall off, and tear easily. Boots are there for you when the rubber meets the road (see what we did there?), providing long-lasting protection from cooling air and plastic adhesion. 

The Copperhead Silicone Boot is:

  • Made from high-grade silicone for higher temperature resistance
  • Thickly molded with internal air cavities to ensure optimal thermal insulation and tear resistance
  • Rated to 290 °C printing temperatures
  • Spring-loaded to keep the boot firmly in place on the hot block at all times
  • Endowed with easy to use finger grips to aid in installation and removal
  • Coated with a clear coating for maximum plastic repellent power
  • Optimized to fit with Slice Engineering nozzles (but will still fit other Rep Rap style nozzles with 7 mm or smaller hex sizes)

Protect your hotend investment with the Copperhead Silicone Boot

Fits Copperhead Hotends with Copperhead Hot Blocks 

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