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CoexNylex Nylon Filament

CoexNylex Nylon Filaments

CoexNylex™ is an incredibly strong and durable material to make functional parts from. If you can print PLA and PETG, you can print Nylex! Use your machine as you normally would, however, a 0.6 hardened steel nozzle is recommended for the glass and carbon materials.

Comes in Natural, Carbon-filled (Carbon Fiber, or CF), and Glass-filled (Glass Fiber, or GF).

Recommended print settings:

  • Print on a solvent-cleaned surface heated to 85°C-110°C
  • Recommended print temperature 245°C-295°C
  • A part cooling fan is not recommended. It may cause layer delamination.
  • Start retraction at 1-1.5 mm at 10-30 mm/sec for direct-drive extruders and 2.5 mm at 30-35 mm/sec for indirect-drive extruders.
  • A hardened nozzle is recommended for glass or carbon-filled CoexNylex™.

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