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CoexFlex TPE Flexible Filaments

CoexFlex TPE Filaments

CoexFlex thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) filaments are manufactured from the highest quality versatile copolyesters developed by DuPont and BASF.

CoexFlex filaments combine the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processibility of thermoplastics. They combine resilience, heat and chemical resistance with strength and durability and are used by customers across several industries (automotive, electrical, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, oil and gas etc.).

CoexFlex is available in multiple durometers ranging from a semi-flexible Shore 60D down to a highly flexible 30D (equivalent to Shore 80A). If you want something extra flexible, then they also offer a TPU with a Shore Hardness rating of 60A, which the softest filament available in the industry! Check that out HERE!

For those not as familiar with the Shore D scale, here's a handy approximate conversion list:
60D = 100A
40D = 85A
30D = 80A

Specifications for CoexFlex TPE

Physical Properties: Density - 1.25 g/cm3 

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Thermal Properties: Melting Point 165°C

Bed Temperature: 25-85° C, lightly coated with PVA (glue stick)

Print Speed: 25-50mm/s

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