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Bowden Couplings

E3D Embedded Bowden Couplings

Need to embed a Bowden/PTFE tube into a metal or plastic part? Here's the answer!

Embedded Bowden Coupling for Metal

The metal couplings are designed to take PTFE tubing with an outer diameter of 3.18mm for 1.75mm filament, and 6.35mm for 2.85 mm filament. These fittings are used in both types of the 1.75mm V6 hotends, the 3.0mm Bowden V6 hotend, and the Cyclops/Chimera/Kraken/ Hemera HotEnds.

Embedded Bowden Coupling for Plastic

The plastic couplings are designed to take 4mm OD tubing and the plastic ring is designed to be inserted into a 12mm hole at least 7mm deep.

Dimensions for the plastic outer ring:

  • Outer diameter: 11.8mm
  • Overall diameter: 12.8mm
  • Inner diameter: 6.3mm
  • Thickness: 5mm

Dimensions for the plastic insert:

  • Outer diameter: 10mm
  • Inner diameter: 4mm
  • Thickness of top lip: 1.5mm
  • Diameter of legs: 6mm

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