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Bondtech QR-M Extruder

Bondtech QR-M Extruder

The Bondtech QR-M brings the same record level of torque and resolution as the Bondtech QR, but is designed to fit the Slice Engineering Mosquito family of hotends!

The QR-M extruder is the perfect match for big printers to fit Mosquito hotends on direct extruder applications. Compatible with:

  • Mosquito
  • Mosquito Magnum
  • Mosquito Liquid
  • Mosquito Magnum+

The QR-M extruder also provides:

  • Versatile Solutions - there are 4 different units available for right/left handed orientation, as well as 3.00 and 1.75 mm filament diameters.
  • Build Quality - Professionally SLS printed nylon for maximum strength and precision.
  • Bondtech Dual-Drive - Bondtech's unique Dual-Drive technology delivers uninterrupted material flow without fear of grinding or slipping in even the most demanding conditions.
  • Multi-material capability - The QR-M extruder feeds all material with high reliability, from slippery nylons to highly rigid and sometimes brittle carbon-filled filaments.
  • Quick Release
  • Feeding direction - The QR-M feeds material with equal force in both directions so it is flexible when it comes to integrate it in your application.

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