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Bondtech Heatlink 300°C Thermistor

Bondtech HeatLink 300°C Thermistor

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This 300C thermistor based on the SeMitec 104NT-4-R025H42G temperature sensor and uses a Molex micro-fit 3.0 female connector to enable extending it with one of the HeatLink interface cables and connect to your printer without hassle.

- 1.5m leads with blue sleeves and Molex micro-fit 3.0 female connector;
- Ø 3mm Stainless Steel crimped cartridge with laser engraved Bondtech logo;
- SeMitec 104NT-4 temperature sensor;
- Packed in plastic bag.

NOTE: Add-To-Cart the correct HeatLink Interface Cable to connect this thermistor to your printer. Check compatibility table Here.


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