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Enviro Eco-Friendly ABS

Enviro is a professional-grade ABS specially formulated to be consumed by bacteria once it enters a landfill to energy facility or a commercial compost. Our proprietary bio-additive technology simply provides a food source for the bacteria living in those environments.

  • Eco-Friendly ABS made with a proprietary bio-additive
  • Professional grade ABS resin
  • High impact resistance
  • High geometric accuracy
  • Very easy to print
  • Excellent visual quality and finish

Enviro maintains the strength, heat resistance, printing characteristics, and post process capabilities of ABS in every way.

Enviro ABS meets ASTM D5338 standards for biodegradability and maintains a dimensional accuracy better than +/- 0.05mm.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every spool of Enviro ABS will be donated to plant a tree. Every spool helps rejuvenate iconic forests in key locations throughout the United States.


Nozzle Temp: 220℃ - 240℃
Bed Temp: 85°C - 115°C
Bed Surface: Glass, Painter's Tape, BuildTak, PEI
Print Speed: ≤ 55mm/s
Fan Speed: 50%
Flow Rate: 105%
Spool Weight: 750g

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