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Revo Hemera

E3D Revo Hemera

Revo Hemera is a compact, powerful extrusion system with the convenience of E3D’s RapidChange Revo ecosystem. With dual drive gears and hardened steel hobbs to grip filament from both sides, Revo Hemera gives your 3D printer exceptional pushing force. A tightly constrained filament path means material can’t flex and bend on its way to the melt zone, making it a top choice for challenging 3D printing filaments, like flexibles.

  • Compatible with many popular 3D printers, including the Creality CR series and Ender series, Prusa, Anet, Biqu, Monoprice, and many more. Check out our 3D printer upgrade guides
  • Everything you need is get started is included in the box – just mount it to your 3D printer and start 3D printing
  • Compatible with Revo Nozzles so you can change nozzles at room temperature using just your fingers.
  • Custom motor end-caps provide convenient T-slots for flat mounting, leaving plenty of room for other accessories, like bed-leveling probes or cooling fans.

Kit includes: 

- 1 x Hemera Assembly

- 1 x Hemera fixings kit

- 1 x 40 x 40 x 10 mm 12V or 24V Fan

- 1 x Revo HeaterCore 12V or 24V

- 1 x Revo HeaterCore spring

- 1 x Extension cable kit

Single nozzle kit:

- 1 x 0.40 Brass Revo Nozzle

Fully loaded nozzle kit:

 - 1 x 0.25, 0.40, 0.60 & 0.80 Brass Revo Nozzles


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