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"Gold Standard" PEI Sheets For Modix Printers

"Gold Standard" PEI Sheets For Modix 3D Printers

Our replacement PEI sheets are sized at 670x670mm, and 1080x365mm, giving you an extra 10mm of room for an easier and more comfortable installation process. Cut off the extra PEI around the edges to match your bed size perfectly, assuring no area of the bed is missed! We call this the Gold Standard because it is both high quality, and has a beautiful gold tint to it as well.

Each sheet comes with a protective, peel-off film on the top of the PEI, making sure your PEI has no finger prints or smudges before or during the application process.

Covers a single bed plate for Modix Big-60, Big-120Z, Big-120X, and Big-180X (machines with multiple beds will require multiple sheets). Can also be used for a Big-40, but that will require cutting it down.

If you have a Modix Big-Meter, you will need to use the 1080x365mm sheet. In order to cover your entire bed plate, you will need 3 sheets of PEI. 

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