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IC3D UV-PETG 3D Printing Filament

IC3D Ultraviolet Resistant PETG (UV-PETG)

Ultraviolet Resistant PETG brings the performance of production-grade IC3D PETG into the laboratory and the great outdoors. UV-PETG retains excellent clarity, puncture resistance, and impact toughness even after repeated ultraviolet radiation exposure outdoors or as part of the UV-sterilization process. While the color made fade over time, UV-PETG can be expected to maintain its structural qualities and UV-resistance for several years.

Printer Settings:

  • Nozzle Temp: 240°C – 270°C
  • Bed Temp: ~70°C
  • Bed Surface: PEI or bare glass with PVA as a release agent, PEX, PC, most print surfaces and treatments 
  • Dryer Temp: 65°C 

Category: Bulk, Filament, IC3D

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