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IC3D Recycled PETG

IC3D Recycled PETG (R-PETG)

A high flow rate, dimensional stability, and superb layer adhesion helps R-PETG excel at large-format 3D printing at an unbeatable price.

IC3D is remodeling sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of additive manufacturing by turning waste into source material with R-PETG.

Recycled PETG by IC3D is made from PETG resin sourced from both industrial & commercial operations. Each production run of R-PETG uses 100% recycled content while maintaining consistent 3D printing performance. Recycled PETG filament will be reeled onto reused spools. Learn more: IC3D Spool Return System.

Safety Data Sheet

Print Settings

  • Nozzle Temp: 210-230C
  • Bed Temp: ~70C
  • Bed Surface:  PEI or bare glass with PVA as a release agent, PEX, PC, most print surfaces and treatments 
  • Drying Recommended
  • No enclosure needed
  • Cooling Fan: 100%

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