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3D Printer Resins

3DRS Color Base Resin

3DRS Color Base mSLA 3D Printing Resin

mSLA 3D Printing Resin for creating custom colors with the CMYKW Pigment Set 

Technical Data

Similar to 3DRS Standard Resin, Color Base has low exposure time, non-brittle final products, sculpt like detail, and wide functionality. Use standard super glue to complete fitted parts. 

Download the Color Creator Worksheet 

Bottle Size: 1kg
Color: Neutral
UV Absorption: 405nm UV Wavelengths
Shore Hardness: 85D
Tensile Strength: 7120 psi
Elongation: 5.45%


NOTE: the final products printed with U.V Resins are not intended or acceptable for direct food contact and are not safe to place in the mouth, even when properly dried and cured. Do not print products for any person or pet who may chew on or otherwise orally ingest the product.

Storage & Usage:

  1. Store in a cool DARK place between 18-28C - Keep container away from light exposure during storage to avoid light contamination. 
  2. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage. 
  3. Shake well before use.
  4. After printing, please wash your print in alcohol with the content of above 90
  5. Use at temperature 18-28C (64-82F)



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