HSP Consignment

HSP Consignment

Clayton Bowers |

HartSmart Products is excited to offer our new consignment service!

Want to sell your printer but don't know where to get the best deal? Let us take care of it for you! With this new program, we offer two tiers of service; "As-Is" consignment or HSP Refurbished. 

"As-Is" Consignment

This is as simple as it sounds! Bring in your printer, we'll assign it a number and have it displayed in our retail shop for the price that you're wanting to sell it for. When a buyer comes along, we'll make the deal and then contact you so you can get paid!

HSP Refurbished

For an added fee of $50, we will calibrate your printer and make sure that it is "ready to print" upon being sold. We run a test print to ensure sure that your printer is operating at a high-level of quality, and will have a much higher chance of selling!

You won't find a better place to sell your printer than the retail floor of a 3D Printer store, so bring your printer in today!