HartSmart Products Eco-Friendly Values

HartSmart Products Eco-Friendly Values

Clayton Bowers |

Since our inception in 2015, HartSmart Products has put sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront of our values and priorities. Being a member of the plastics industry has only highlighted the importance of conservation and recycling.

Recycling has always been, and continues to be, one of the areas where we put a lot of our efforts. HartSmart Products provides a community recycling program in which anyone with scrap PLA or PETG can deposit those materials in our bins, which in turn gets sent to our partner, Goo Ventures. Goo Ventures uses that scrap plastic by turning it into recycled filament which comes back to our shop for sale.

Additionally, HartSmart Products also recycles other 3D printing waste through a paid recycling program called Terracycle. Terracycle allows us to recycle any kind of material, including the harder-to-recycle plastics. They, in turn, use our recycled materials to create a myriad of different products, eliminating any possible waste.

In the retail portion of our business, HartSmart Products sells and uses a plethora of recycled products. We carry several lines of recycled filaments which are, of course, shipped out in recycled or reused cardboard boxes. HartSmart Products has also committed to planting a tree for every single item sold, from full printers to single springs. We do this through a program called Ecologi. To date, we have planted almost 10,000 trees worldwide!

Lastly, HartSmart Products utilizes social media through two separate accounts. Aside from our business account, we have an account known as ECOstruder. ECOstruder is a channel designed to explore the most eco-friendly 3D printing products and techniques currently available. The ECOstruder YouTube channel just exceeded 1,000 subscribers in 2021.

While still a relatively new business, we believe we are putting forth a larger effort for sustainability than most others in our industry. As we continue to grow, we will only further emphasize the need for eco-friendly sustainability within the 3D printing industry.