Building a Modix3D BIG-60 3D Printer Kit (6-Part Series)

Building a Modix3D BIG-60 3D Printer Kit (6-Part Series)

Treyton Damerval |

The EcoStruder's six-part series on building a Modix360 BIG-60 3D Printer Kit. From unboxing to building, follow along and hear Brandon's thoughts about this beast of a 3D Printer.


Part 1:

Brandon unboxes the BIG-60 3D Printer kit and discusses the packaging and the condition of the parts inside. There is a lot of work ahead. This thing is huge!


Part 2:

Assembly Begins! This is the first part of the videos documenting the process to actually put the BIG-60 3D Printer Kit together. Will all go smoothly?

Part 3:

Assembly Continues! The BIG-60 is actually starting to look like a real 3D printer. This build is on a "roll!"

Part 4:

Bedtime! The print bed is added, frame brackets, plus the second extruder and hot-end. Getting closer to a working machine.

Part 5:

Finishing the Machine! In this one the machine gets fully built. No calibration or test prints yet, but the actual build is done. Pretty cool to see the whole thing assembled. Now, how will it perform??

Part 6:

The BIG-60 build is done! How did it turn out, and what do I think of the results?? Any buyer's remorse?


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Brandon's review after a year of using the BIG-60 3D Printer