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Titan Aqua

Key features:

- Water-cooled
- Maximum printing temperature: 285°C (upgradeable to 500°C)
- Maximum enclosure temperature: 80°C
- 3:1 gearing ratio
- E3D Ecosystem compatible

Water Cooling

Water cooling provides outstanding thermal performance by cooling both the heatsink and the motor. This allows Titan Aqua to stay cool in situations where an enclosure is in use, especially with the introduction of heating in the build chamber. This opens up the possibilities of printing with a range of high strength plastics, reducing the risks of warping and stress cracking.

High-Temperature Capability.

Titan Aqua can comfortably reach 285°C with the supplied thermistor. By swapping a thermistor for a PT100 or thermocouple (may require additional electronics) you can reach temperatures up to 500°C.

E3D Ecosystem compatible

Titan Aqua is compatible with the E3D ecosystem, meaning you can upgrade your setup to the desired specifications. Choose from our range of heater blocks, temperature sensors, heater cartridges and nozzles.

Titan Extrusion

Titan Aqua retains all the features of a Titan extruder, including the idler mechanism, easy filament change, sharp-toothed custom-machined hobb profiles, and a precision 3:1 gearing ratio.

Easy to use, maximum performance

Water-cooled performance has never been so simple or effective. Titan Aqua’s compact design provides filament constraint and sharp thermal transition, both crucial for printing precision. Aqua can be assembled independently and then mounted inside your printer as a single unit.



Kit includes:

- x1 Titan Aqua Main body standard or mirrored
- x1 Sealing plate 
- x1 Filament guide 
- x1 Titan Aqua hobb gear
- x1 Pinion gear
- x1 V6 aluminium HeaterBlock 
- x1 V6 stainless steel HeatBreak 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm 
- x1 V6 brass nozzle 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm 
- x1 Universal V6 fixings kit 
- x2 M5 4mm Push-fit elbow fittings
- x2 MR95ZZ bearings
- x1 M3x3 Grub screw
- x4 M4x15 Socket head cap screws
- x1 M3x16 Socket head cap screws
- x1 Circlip
- x1 Titan idler spring
- x1 Silicone sealing gasket
- x1 Titan idler arm 
- x1 V6 silicone sock 
- x1 Thermal compound paste 
- x1 100 mm PTFE tube 
- x1 Thermistor cartridge 
- x1 Thermistor extension cable 
- x1 30W heater caretridge 12V or 24V 

Category: E3D, High-Temp, Hotend, Upgrade

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