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SuperVolcano Upgrade Bundle for Modix Machines

Modix machines come with standard E3D Titan Aero and Volcano components. These are great for printing big things quickly, but sometimes you want to go BIGGER and FASTER! Upgrading to SuperVolcano hotend can do exactly that! All components are available individually, but this bundle includes all necessary parts to upgrade your Modix print head to use the SuperVolcano hotend!

This bundle includes:

  • Titan Aero Heat Sink (Standard Orientation)
  • Hardened Steel Titan Extruder Hobb
  • Titanium Heat Break
  • SuperVolcano Heater Block
  • SuperVolcano Silicone Sock
  • SuperVolcano Heater Cartridge (24V, 80W)
  • PT100 Temperature Sensor Kit (Sensor Cartridge, Amplifier Board, Molex Cable)
  • Duet PT100 Daughterboard
  • SuperVolcano Hardened Steel Nozzle - 0.6mm
  • SuperVolcano Hardened Steel Nozzle - 1.0mm
  • SuperVolcano Hardened Steel Nozzle - 1.4mm


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