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Spool Holder

3D Fuel Spool Holders for Spools up to 4kg

These 3D Filament Spool holders do a great job of feeding your machine without causing problems. They are heavy duty, will last for a LONG time, and work just great for most spools. This 8" Spool Holder will work with 3D Fuel spools up to 4kg, and will work with any spools up to 4.5" wide. 

The main brace is made of Rolled Steel over 1/4" Thick and is bent to approximately 90° to support the cross brace. The cross brace is made of PVC with two hubs and is attached with a carriage bolt. The hubs protrude beyond the PVC so that the spool stays in place while moving and does not fall off the stand. 

To stabilize the stand, we have included a cross brace that attaches with one bolt (included) to hold it in place. The combination work very well and will last you a long time. 

Make your own Spool holder

Parts list:



Part Number(s)


3/4" PVC Black 4.5" Long*

Home Depot 1000680849 - 5’


1/4-20 Carriage Bolt 6" Long

Lowes 68852


1/4-20 Nut

Lowes 63301


1/4" Lock Washer

Lowes 1339812
(Pk of 24)


Metal 8" L-Bracket

Lowes 64774


#10 screw and nut

*Standard white ¾” PVC will work just as well.

In addition to gathering these parts, you’ll need to print these two items:

3D Printed Cross Piece 25g for balance     Download STL  

2 x 3D Printed Hub Inserts     Download STL

The Hub inserts are designed to allow the square of the carriage bolt head to fall into the hole on the outside and after placing one on each end of the tube, you can tighten the bolt down to force them in to be held in place in each end of the tube. After you do that, you can remove the nut and washer and place them on the other side of the metal bracket as you mount it to the inside of the right angle and tighten it down. The holder does not need to turn as the spool will spin on the plastic without the need to spin the hub.

Once printed, the cross piece can be assembled to the other part of the L Bracket to keep the spool balanced as the filament is pulled from the spool. Use the #10 screw and nut to hold it on the bracket.  The #10 screw will need a flat, bevelled head on it large enough to not pass through the hole in the bracket.

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