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Out of Spec and Transition PETG Spools - READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Our manufacturer makes a LOT of filament. And they have VERY HIGH standards. The result of these two facts is that they inevitably end up with some spools that don't quite make the cut. For one reason or another, they aren't good enough to put in their branded boxes. They are not necessarily too bad to use, but they just don't meet the stringent standards. 

Reasons these spools didn't make the cut could include one (or more) of the following:

  • Not enough to fill a spool (< 1kg of material)
  • The diameter fell out of our desired range (Usually 0.03mm max)
  • The ovality was not close enough for us to accept it
  • There was a color transition while the spool was being made
  • There may be a bubble somewhere in the spool

Conditions to ordering:

  1. All spools are sold "AS-IS" - No Guarantee Whatsoever
  2. Spools are non-returnable and non-refundable
  3. You CANNOT Choose Color or Type. We just pull the next roll (unless you come into our retail shop and pick it yourself).

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