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Original Goo - Buttermilk (Beta)

Original Goo Filament in Buttermilk (Beta)

1 kilogram of Goo's original buttermilk-colored filament; a masterful blend of PHA and PLA that will print as smooth as its namesake.

A lot of filaments are made from fossil fuels and filaments that aren't, like PLA, require industrial compost settings to biodegrade. Goo uses plastic made from renewable sources and use a high concentration of PHA (a highly biodegradable plastic made from bacteria) to ensure their filament is truly biodegradable.

Goo believes that you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for sustainability. They are working on a PLA recycling process that produces material that not only matches but outperforms the input PLA in terms of its physical properties and biodegradability.

Diameter: 1.75mm +/- 0.03mm

NOTE: This material is currently in public Beta, and may change from batch to batch as the manufacturer perfects the formulation.

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Category: Eco-Friendly, Goo, PLA

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