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MoTech NEMA 17 Stepper Motors with Brake

MoTech NEMA 17 Stepper Motors with Electronic Brake

MoTech Motor offers premium quality Stepper Motors. HartSmart Products had these stepper motors custom made by MoTech to ensure they will work well in most 3D printers. As a part of our customizations, all of these NEMA 17 motors include:

  • 27mm shaft length
  • Full-length D-cut for a flat side the entire length of the 27mm shaft

Each motor also includes a 1 Meter long detachable cable with a motor connector at one end and a 4-pin Dupont connector on the other end.

The Brake on these stepper motors will require a 24V input to disable the brake, and will not work as a drop-in replacement without this additional wiring. Everything else about this motor is the same as our MoTech 60mm NEMA 17 Stepper Motor.

Motor Specifications


Motor Length

Model #

Step Angle

Rated Current


Holding Torque


Holding Torque





(88mm total)

1.8° 2.00 114.0 8.2 2.0

Product Specifications

Degrees Per Step 1.8°
Step Angle Accuracy
1.8°±5% (full step, no load)
Resistance Accuracy
Inductance Accuracy
Temperature Rise
80°C Max.(2 phase on)
Ambient Temperature
Insulation Class
B, 130°C
Insulation Resistance 
100MΩMin. , 500VDC
Shaft Radial Play
0.02Max. (450 g-load)
Shaft Axial Play
0.08Max. (450 g-load)
Max. radial force
28N  (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial force
Brake Torque 3.0 kg.cm (42.0 oz.in)
Brake Voltage 24VDC

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