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Modix Active Air Filter

Modix Active Air Filter (MAAF) is an external air filter device. The filter cleanses the printer's chamber by capturing micro-particles and gas fumes that are released from melted filament throughout the 3D printing process.

MAAF provides a constant air cleansing process during the entire printing process, circulating the air in and out and back into the printer while cleaning it repeatedly.

Multi-layer filtering
A large fan inside the device draws the air from the printer through a flexible vent tube connected to the top of the device. The air is then guided through a set of three filters before it is circulated back into the printer.

The triple filter system includes

  1. Pre-Filter – Remove large dust particles from the air.
  2. HEPA Filter – High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter, composed of a mat of randomly arranged fiberglass fibers designed to capture tiny particles released during printing.
  3. Active Carbon Filter – Clean the air from toxic fumes released during the 3D printing process.

It is about your health!
Sub-micron particles and fumes released during the plastic melting process pose risk to your health. Therefore, every owner of a Modix 3D printer is strongly advised to install an air filter. Air filter is a MUST-HAVE add-on if you intend to print with any plastic beyond PLA, i.e. PETG, ABS… Although common knowledge is that printing PLA in a well-ventilated room is fine, there is no clear definition of proper room ventilation and during the winter and summer times windows are normally closed.

Note: Filters will require routine replacement. Replacement filter sets available here:

Technical Specifications

Compatible with both 110V & 220V
Powered by a single AC power cord

Enclosure: power coated steel
Size: 400 x 290 x 300 mm
Air Flow: 150m3/hr (80cfm)
Device Weight: 11KG, Including packing: 15KG

Pre-Filter Pad
Polypropylene, Acrylic
Efficiency: 96% 2 micron (based on inputs of the Pre-filter provider)

HEPA Filter
Filter Media: glass fibre
Construction: Maxi Pleat
Filter Efficiency: 99.997% 0.3 micron (based on HEPA provider data)

Fumes Filter
Filter Media: Treated Activated Carbon
Filter Housing: Zintec mild steel

Note: Modix V3 machines are already compatible with the Modix Active Air Filter system, but V1 and V2 machines will require replacement panels. Those are available here:

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