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Modix Active Air Filter

Modix Active Air Filter

This Air Filter system is an external air filter device. The filter cleanses the printer's chamber by capturing micro-particles and gas fumes that are released from melted filament throughout the 3D printing process.

MAAF provides a constant air cleansing process during the entire printing process, circulating the air in and out and back into the printer while cleaning it repeatedly.

Looking for replacement filters? Find them here: LINK

Multi-layer filtering
A large fan inside the device draws the air from the printer through a flexible vent tube connected to the top of the device. The air is then guided through a set of three filters before it is circulated back into the printer.

The triple filter system includes

  1. Pre-Filter – Remove large dust particles from the air.
  2. HEPA Filter – High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter, composed of a mat of randomly arranged fiberglass fibers designed to capture tiny particles released during printing.
  3. Active Carbon Filter – Clean the air from toxic fumes released during the 3D printing process.

It is about your health!
Sub-micron particles and fumes released during the plastic melting process pose risk to your health. Therefore, every owner of a Modix 3D printer is strongly advised to install an air filter. Air filter is a MUST-HAVE add-on if you intend to print with any plastic beyond PLA, i.e. PETG, ABS… Although common knowledge is that printing PLA in a well-ventilated room is fine, there is no clear definition of proper room ventilation and during the winter and summer times windows are normally closed.

Note: Filters will require routine replacement. Replacement filter sets available here: https://hartsmartproducts.com/collections/vendors/products/spare-filter-set-for-modix-active-air-filter

Technical Specifications

Compatible with both 110V & 220V
Powered by a single AC power cord

Enclosure: power coated steel
Size: 400 x 290 x 300 mm
Air Flow: 150m3/hr (80cfm)
Device Weight: 11KG, Including packing: 15KG

Pre-Filter Pad
Polypropylene, Acrylic
Efficiency: 96% 2 micron (based on inputs of the Pre-filter provider)

HEPA Filter
Filter Media: glass fibre
Construction: Maxi Pleat
Filter Efficiency: 99.997% 0.3 micron (based on HEPA provider data)

Fumes Filter
Filter Media: Treated Activated Carbon
Filter Housing: Zintec mild steel

Note: Modix V3 machines are already compatible with the Modix Active Air Filter system, but V1 and V2 machines will require replacement panels. Those are available here: LINK

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