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Magnetic Flex Bed for Creality LD-002 Resin Printers (Pack of 2)

Genuine Creality Magnetic Flex Bed for LD-002R and LD-002H mSLA Resin Printers (Pack of 2)

A Flex plate for a resin printer? Yep. Print on this magnetic flex plate and then simply pull off the steel plate and flex it to release your printed part. No more scraping or prying your finished resin part to release it from the print bed!

Installation is simple. Just clean off the print bed with Isopropyl Alcohol, then peel and stick the magnet to it. The spring steel plate will stay attached during the printing process, and has tabs to allow you to pop it off easily.

Compatibility: Creality LD-002H and LD-002R

Bed Size: 138 x 85mm
Quantity: 2

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