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High Temperature Heated Bed

High Temperature (Mordor) Heated Bed 

Our high-temperature heated beds are capable of reaching 100°C in just 80 seconds. Not only do these beds heat quickly, but they also reach temperatures other beds can only dream of, with operating temperatures of 200°C. They use a standard E3D 104NT thermistor for temperature sensing.

We have taken a safety-first approach with our high-temperature heated beds, with the silicone heaters being vulcanized directly to the anodized under-surface of the aluminum plate. This eradicates the need for performance limiting adhesives, used by many other beds on the market. For more information regarding the importance of vulcanizing instead of adhesive please see our blog


These beds reach temperatures high enough to burn skin, please use the appropriate protective equipment while operating a machine using this bed. 

Please be advised that these are mains powered beds. Users are responsible for ensuring that their setup meets local regulations and that the bed is sufficiently earthed/ connected to ground using the threaded hole provided.

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