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Glass-Filled PLA

3D Fuel Glass-Filled PLA

Glass Filled PLA is an effort to advance engineered and practical-use 3D printed parts and components but also is easy to use, just like PLA.

When you need extra strength, toughness, and durability in your parts, Glass Filled PLA will do what you need it to. We’ve tested real 3D printed parts in Standard PLA and Glass Filled PLA. We found that Glass Filled PLA is:

  • 1.4 times stronger
  • 1.3 times tougher
  • 1.9 times more flexible

Like standard PLA, Glass Filled PLA allows you to print with ease on any 3D printer capable of printing in PLA.

  • Very low warp
  • Very low odor
  • No special extruder needed
  • No heated bed needed

Print Settings

Glass Filled PLA prints well at 190-210 C. These are general starting points for Glass Filled PLA, actual temperatures will vary from one printer to another. A heated bed is not necessary, though if you have one, set it to 40 to 60C.

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