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Filamentive Carbon Fibre PET

Filamentive Carbon Fibre PET: 100% Recycled 3D Printer Filament.

3D print with real carbon, without the footprint.

Carbon fibre is known for being strong, yet lightweight – and now you can 3D print with it! Filamentive carbon fibre filament is a PET-based composite containing 20% recycled carbon fibres. Filamentive carbon fibre is stiff, impact resistant, and heat resistant up to 80°C.

Your carbon fibre 3D printed objects will have an attractive matte black surface, and you’ll be pleased to know the filament is dimensionally stable, and will not warp during print. The ideal filament for functional and mechanical parts, such as RC/drones components. Made for the hobbyist to Industry 4.0. 

  • High quality Carbon Fibre PET 3D Printer filament
  • 100% Recycled content (average; can vary)
  • Stiff, impact resistant, and heat resistant up to 80°C
  • Attractive matte black surface
  • Low warp
  • Hardened/steel nozzle recommended as carbon fibre is inherently abrasive

CF Caribiner


Nozzle Temp: 230ºC - 260°C
Bed Temp: 40°C - 60°C
Bed Surface: Glass Plate, Kapton tape, PET tape, BuildTak
Print Speed: Medium
Fan Speed: Low - None
Flow Rate: 105%
Spool Weight: 750g

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