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Ender 3 Titan Aero Upgrade Bundle

Transform your Creality Ender 3 printer with a high quality direct drive setup, capable of printing with a much wider range of materials, higher print quality, and even flexible materials!

This bundle includes all hardware necessary to equip your Ender 3 with a super strong Titan Aero extruder and all-metal hotend. Just print the Mounting Bracket and Fan Duct on your Ender 3. Links to these models provided below:

Mounting Bracket
Fan Duct

Bundle Includes:

  • Titan Aero Full Kit (Details Here)
  • Blower Fan for Part Cooling
  • Extension Cable for Extruder Motor
  • Zip Ties for Wire Management
  • Screws & Nuts


  • Use your existing stepper motor to power the Titan extruder by using the supplied extension cable. 
  • BL-Touch not included, but the mount includes a spot for it. This bundle will work with or without the BL-Touch sensor kit.
  • Esteps will need to be recalibrated from the Ender 3's menu by going to Control-Motion-Esteps/mm. Titan extruder provides a 3:1 gearing ratio, so Esteps will need to be roughly tripled (lots of rotations of the menu knob!)

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