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IDEX Upgrade for Modix V3 - Basic *Pre Order*

IDEX Upgrade for Modix V3 - Basic *Pre Order*

With the recent release of Generation 4.0, Modix has introduced the new IDEX technology ("Independent dual extruder"). 
IDEX allows the idle print head to park outside the print bed, resulting with a very clean transition between the main and the support filament.
The benefits are:

  • Print complex models with internal geometries using soluble filament.
  • Print models with non-flat bottom surfaces or thin features with ease.
  • Save a lot of post process time by using easy breakaway filament.
  • Use the IDEX as an automatic filament changer. 

Main upgrade options

There are two main upgrades: Complete and Basic. Read below about the differences.
* Scroll down for purchasing, photo gallery and in-depth details.
* BIG-40 is not yet supported, check more details below.

  1. Main V3 to V4 upgrade – Basic – With respect to customers who already own or upgraded to DUEX electronic board and Griffin print-heads, and feel comfortable with wiring the boards themselves, we offer a lowered upgrade price. You will be receiving the electronic box and readymade wires and you will have to plug the board yourself and add your already owned Griffin hotends (you can add it below). 

    Models: BIG-60 , BIG-120X, BIG-120Z  – 1,800 USD
    Models: BIG-Meter, BIG-180X – 2,200 USD

Additional upgrade options (scroll down for details and pricing)

  1. Enclosure upgrade
  2. 8KG spool shelf
  3. Spare Griffin hotend
  4. Super volcano
  5. Super volcano to Griffin adapter (if you already have Super Volcano)
  6. Clog & crash detectors.

Find more information here!

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