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PEI Magnetic Beds for Creality Printers

A Magnetic PEI Bed Plate for your Creality 3D Printer!

PEI is widely regarded as the best all-purpose print surfaces for 3D printing. It works with most materials, holds onto printed parts while hot, and lets go of them when cold. This particular upgrade for your 3D printer comes with a magnetic base and a removable spring steel magnetic plate so you can flex the PEI bed and watch your printed parts simply pop off!

Bed Sizes

  • Ender-3/Ender-3 V2/Ender-5: 235 x 235mm
  • CR-6 SE: 255 x 245mm
  • CR-10V2/CR-10 V3/CR-X: 310 x 320mm

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