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Alloy 910 HDT

Taulman3D’s Alloy 910 is a measurable advancement in 3D Printing materials technology from taulman3D. Taulman Alloy 910 is the combined effort of chemical companies, extrusion manufactures and taulman3D to specifically develop a single material to meet as many high performance 3D Printing needs as possible. See Alloy 910 here: LINK

Alloy 910 HDT continues those features but with a higher Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) for even higher temperature requirements.

Tensile Strength = 8,100PSI
Modulus PSI = 72,932
Max Elongation at break = 31%
Print Temperature = 285C - 300C
Nozzle size = Any - There are no particulates or additives in Alloy 910
HDT = 112C and > 150C when annealed
Print Bed =
            Cold = BuildTak with coat of gluestick
            Hot = Glass heated to 55C with coat of PVA
(PVA is 50% water  and 50% "Elmers Glue All")
Shrinkage = 0.0033   in/in

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