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2.85mm Printhead for Modix Printers

Premium High Flow Printhead Upgrade to Enable 2.85mm Filament Usage on Modix Printers

2.85mm filament has a few advantages over 1.75mm, particularly when you want to use nozzles larger than 1.75mm for the ultimate awesome, chunky parts, or if you simply want to maintain a single filament inventory with your other printers which already use 2.85mm filament. For those scenarios, HartSmart Products has assembled the best-in-class extruder and hotend parts for the best combination of high flow rate and high print quality, and then customized it to work as a nearly drop-in replacement for standard Modix printheads. 

Comes Fully Assembled - includes the extruder and hotend already assembled with a completely custom printhead mounting bracket and a stepper motor so you can quickly and easily swap out your existing printhead with this one and be up and running in minutes.


  • Bondtech QR-M Extruder (Standard orientation)
  • HartSmart Products custom printhead mounting bracket
  • Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum+ hotend, which includes two 24V 50W heaters (for 100W of heating power)
  • 24V hotend cooling fan with Bondtech Heatlink Adapter
  • Magnum+ Convection Shield
  • Slice Engineering 0.60mm Vanadium nozzle (additional nozzles available upon request)
  • Temp sensor of your choice (PT100 or PT1000)
    • PT100 will require either the Modix PT100 Upgrade Kit, or the Duet Daughterboard if not already installed.

NOTE: Please allow 2-3 business days for fully assembled printheads to ship, as we keep limited quantities in inventory for each configuration. Fan bracket not included, but the modified fan duct STL can be found here: LINK

Mounting & Configuration Instructions Here

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