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FibreTuff Advanced Bone Analog

FibreTuff® produces superior 3D printed anatomical bone models with high strength & radiopacity.

FibreTuff® is comprised of FDA compliant advanced biomaterial compounds for producing 3D Printed parts in the medical industry. FibreTuff’s strength is ideal for medical, dental, and veterinary pre-surgical models. Every inch of FibreTuff® is produced under expert supervision at our medical grade extrusion facility.

FibreTuff® is a non-implantable advanced material that produces superior anatomical bone models with Radiopacity for femurs, calcaneus, talus, metatarsal, skull cap, mandible, sacrum, etc. 

  • Produces superior 3D printed anatomical bone models with high strength & radiopacity. (Not for human implantation)
  • Excellent bone-like analog for printing anatomical models to match patient specific anatomy
  • Ideal for pre-surgical simulation, assessment, training, planning, and education
  • Practice drilling through bones using 3d printed models that match bone density of patient specific anatomy
  • Excellent screw retention with ability to drill, saw, screw, machine, and laser cut
  • Desktop FDM Compatible: FibreTuff will print at temps ranging from 220℃ - 240℃


Nozzle Temperature: 220°C - 240°C with cooling fan off. Use .6mm nozzle if available.
Print Bed: Set to 95°C or higher.
Print Surface: We recommend sanded PEI sheets for best adhesion.
Build Chamber: Try to maintain an enclosure temp of 80°C
Print Speed:  40-55 mm/s with 0.25mm layer height, and retraction at 1.5
Infill: Set to triangular, cortical bone is 100% infill while inner bone should be around 95%
Drying: Once exposed for an extended period FibreTuff can absorb moisture.  If FibreTuff® begins over-extruding we recommend drying at at least 80°C for a few hours to improve performance.

DISCLAIMER: U.S. Patent No. 10,233,309. FibreTuff is a registered trademark. Not approved for orthopedic implants or any other long term medical uses. Sold as is. There are no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, or non-infringement of any intellectual property right.
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