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3D-Solve Water Soluble Support Material

3D-Solve is a water soluble material that allows you to print complex geometries with the ability to rinse away supports. Best of all 3D-Solve dissolves in water by 99% in 20 just minutes!

  • Dissolves in water by 99% in 20 just minutes
  • Print complex geometries
  • Adheres to higher temperature FDM materials like ABS, Nylon, PETG, PLAyPHAb, and many other materials
  • Safe to rinse down the drain
  • Non Toxic
  • NOT compatible with PLA

In a single print build, 3D-Solve allows you to print gravity-defying overhangs or built-in movement and articulation. 3D suspension and previously-impossible complex designs are easily achieved. All it takes is a rinse under the tap or a soak in a bowl of water to loosen and dissolve the supports. There is nothing to break away and no leftover "support stubble", no matter how deep or out-of-reach the area. Made for the hobbyist to Industry 4.0.


Nozzle Temp: 205℃ - 235℃
Bed Temp: 0°C - 60°C
Bed Surface: Glass, Painter's Tape, BuildTak, PEI
Print Speed: <35 mm/s
Fan Speed: 75-100%
Flow Rate: 95-105%
Spool Weight: 500g
Color: Natural

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