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3D Fuel Workday PLA (High Heat)

3D Fuel Workday PLA

NOTE: 3D Fuel has now discontinued Workday PLA, so what we have now is all we'll ever have. Get it while you can! 

Workday PLA is made from NatureWorks™ 3D850 and is the first plastic ever designed from the beginning to be used in 3D Printing!

Available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter, Workday PLA will help your 3D printed projects look amazing and perform amazingly. You can anneal your design after 3D printing for even better heat resistance than ABS.

Our Workday PLA is the first 3D Filament ever made from plastic that was engineered and designed with 3D Printing in mind. All others before have been made from plastic designed for injection molding and do not have the advanced characteristics for 3D Printing. It actually outperforms standard PLA and even ABS!

Note: Prusa Mk 2.5s and newer have an over-bored heat break for enhanced compatibility with their Multi-Material Unit upgrade. This causes a problem with our Workday PLA as it will start to anneal in the heat break. Standard PLA and Pro PLA do not have this problem. Only Workday PLA does. 3D-Fuel recommends our Standard or Pro PLA products for these printers.

Additional Product Info

Recommended Print Settings

  • Hot End Temp: 200 - 230C
  • Bed Temp: 45 - 60C
  • Bed Surface: PEI, heated bare glass, blue painters tape, BuildTak, WhamBam
  • Recommended Print Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s

Annealing Info (heat treating): Learn how to heat treat (anneal) Workday PLA/APLA

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Note: 4kg spools may require more processing time.

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