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Filament Innovations Poseidon 3D Printer

The second-generation POSEIDON is years of hard work, constant research and development, and the latest technology; all rolled into one of the most advanced 3D Printers on the market. The POSEIDON Gen2 was designed to be the large-scale manufacturing workhorse that we always wanted to see from a larger-scale 3D Printer. In designing this printer, we asked ourselves, how can we make such a machine that delivers on the expectations of our clients, but yet has all the convenience features they have not thought of? That question is what led us to the design, fabrication, and bringing to market the second-generation POSEIDON. 

Reliability is of utmost concern in all of our machines, and the linear motion system cannot have any compromise. We utilize Leadshine NEMA24s on the Y-axis, and a NEMA34, a closed-loop stepper motor system to move the large gantry. While pellet extrusion equipment weighs much more than standard 3D Printing equipment, it can quickly wear on the linear motion components both from the weight of the gantry, and dust from the pellets being fed to the Pulsar. All of our ballscrews are reinforced and enclosed to shield the linear motion from pellet dust, that comes from feeding the pellets to the Pulsar. Having an automatic pellet feeding system is critical, so the Venturi from Dyze Design is used to feed pellets at 80-100psi from an external air compressor (customer must provide). Having great bed adhesion is very difficult when a printer is this size, therefore we utilize 1/4" G10/FR4 that is bolted to a piece of 5/8" (yes, 5/8") thick MIC-6 cast aluminum for a truly flat bed. 

Convenience features are some of the most immediate concerns that are overlooked in large 3D Printers. For example, bed leveling is beyond critical. POSEIDON uses four, independent, Z-axis assemblies with motor brakes that can adjust and tilt in real-time to keep the gantry squared with the print area. A toolbox is included for the customer to keep spare parts and tools, and it is a great space to store the included iPad for easy machine monitoring via a Wifi connection. A 15-gallon onboard roto-molded tank is also included for easy pellet storage and feeding via the Venturi pellet system. 

Price is always one of the biggest factors of any machine, and with that, we price the second Generation POSEIDON with white-glove service for a better customer experience. As a whole, the machine package is priced at $125,000. This includes the machine ($110,000) along with private carrier shipping in the continental 48 States, USA ($10,000) and a Filament Innovations technician on-site for one day of training ($5,000). 

As a special note on the required power, the machine needs 220/240VAC, Single Phase, Three Wire connection on a 60amp main breaker. If plugs and outlets are an issue at 60amp, a 50amp breaker, plug, and outlet can be used. Please contact us ahead of time if you prefer the 50amp option and we can walk you through it. 

Below you will find the technical specifications of the machine: 

  • Machine Size (W,D,H): 136"x86"x91" with 3.2mm Aluminum Panels & Acrylic Windows
  • Build Area (XYZ): 1400mm x 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Weight: ~1800lbs
  • Motors: Leadshine Closed-Loop Stepper for X&Y, Z Axis is Four 10:1 Geared NEMA23s
  • Extrusion: Pellet (FGF) Pulsar and Typhoon (FDM) High-Flow - both with hardened nozzles
  • Motion: Enclosed C7 Precision Ballscrews
  • Print Surface: 1/4" G10/FR4 Bolted to the Print Plate
  • Print Plate: 5/8" MIC-6 
  • Max Nozzle Temp: 450C
  • Temperature Probe(s): PT100
  • Water Cooling: On-Board Dyze Design Water Cooler
  • Runout Sensors: Dyze Sentinel (Filament) & Pellet Sensor
  • Bed Leveling: Four Motor Independent Tilt and Mesh Bed Leveling
  • Electronics: Duet Wifi Ecosystem with Wyze Cameras
  • Heated Chamber: 50-60C Recommended Max Temperature
  • Heated Bed: 110C 
  • Power: 220/240VAC with 60amp requirement
  • Slicer: Simplify3D
  • Pellet/Filament Type: PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, TPU, TPC, ASA, PVA, HIPS, BVOH, PC, PET, Carbon Fiber Reinforced, Fiber Reinforced, Wood Reinforced, etc.


Please note - all POSEIDONS are built to order with a minimum 16 week standard lead time. Need it sooner? Please contact us to see how we can accomodate you. Shipping is handled via private freight carrier. The customer needs to have a forklift on-site to assist in delivery of the machine. 

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