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Hero Wash

Designed for use in a Heated Ultrasonic Cleaners (50*C) - Read and understand all information below before use. 

*Non - Toxic post-print wash for 3D Printing.

*Alternative to Isopropyl Alcohol IPA 



Isopropyl Alcohol IPA is commonly used to remove uncured resin from 3D resin prints. However, Isopropyl Alcohol IPA is highly flammable, creates toxic fumes, and can be difficult to find. HERO Wash is an excellent alternative to Isopropyl Alcohol IPA. HERO WASH Effectively Removes uncured Photopolymer Resin from your 3D Resin Prints. HERO WASH is a great general UV cleaner for in and around your workspace as well.  

HERO WASH exhibits low absorption leading to a clean finish without surface cracks. 


Do not dilute with water. For best results, pre-wash you printed piece in a separate container of clean HERO WASH to remove excess resin, utilize a small brush to gently scrub away the uncured photopolymer in the pre-wash container. HERO WASH is ideal for use with stainless steel Heated Ultra Sonic Cleaners or Heated blade-less vortex mixers. We do not recommend using HERO WASH in "Wash and Cure" stations as they have mechanics that can be compromised while submerged in solution. Add your pre-washed 3D Print to your Sonic Cleaner or Vortex Cleaning device, fill the device to the recommended levels with HERO WASH and run until all excess photopolymer is removed from your print.  Rinse your print in clean water to remove HERO WASH suds from your print and completely dry the printed material before post-curing. If you would like, do one more rinse in clean water after post-curing to ensure an even finish. 

Precaution: Avoid using HERO WASH with low-grade plastics. HERO WASH may remove anodized aluminum surfaces or paint from painted surfaces. Stainless Steel and HDPE are recommended. 

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